Historical Timeline



1990 – Michael J Palumbo begins career as an Analyst at Duff & Phelps.

1993 – Mr. Palumbo starts work at Susquehanna.

1995 – JSS Investments – Palumbo works as a Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) market maker and is able to save $250,000 within 11-months to start Third Millennium Trading, LLP.

1996 – Third Millennium Trading, LLP. founded as proprietary trading firm on CBOE floor by Michael J Palumbo and another junior partner.

1996 to 1998 – Third Millennium Trading increases to six employees and Mr. Palumbo develops some of industry’s very first electronic spreadsheets for an independent firm, allowing the company to trade hundreds of positions and manage risk in real time.

1998 to 1999 – Third Millennium Trading experiences first losing year in 1998, but firm rebounds to profitability in 1999. Palumbo credits 1998′s volatile trading – and firm’s ability to overcome adversity – to the larger success of Third Millennium Trading. Also in 1998, Third Millennium Trading’s junior partner leaves firm.

2000 – Third Millennium Trading has grown to one of the largest floor market making firms on the CBOE. Mr. Palumbo, in conjunction with Third Millennium Trading, is the primary investor in the High-Frequency Trading startup GETCO.

2002 – Third Millennium Trading, LLC. begins operations and takes over trading activities of Third Millennium Trading, LLP. However, Third Millennium Trading, LLP continues onward as an investor in Third Millennium Trading LLC.

2006 – A major milestone, Palumbo has turned original $250,000 he funded Third Millennium Trading with into over $100 million.

2007 – Mr. Palumbo has best trading year ever, grossing over $100 million. Palumbo is featured in the book Trade with Passion and Purpose.

2007 to 2008 – After a series of six transactions, by fall of 2008 Palumbo exits full GETCO position.

2008 – Today, TMT Investments, LLC. continues onward, as a proprietary trading firm with various market makers across several US Exchanges. The company’s primary activities include trading and making market in various financial products.